Clare Keijer - Bankruptcy Attorneys in Deland

Bankruptcy Attorneys in Deland help protect those who have more debt than they can handle. 

Most have many questions and concerns related to their debt and need the advice of a professional in the legal field. 

Bankruptcy attorneys in deland

Can any attorney help with a bankruptcy case? Do some attorneys concentrate more on bankruptcy-related cases than others? Is there a reason to work with a local lawyer from Deland or would a "big city attorney" be more influential? Does a person need to have money for a lawyer to offer a consultation or represent me? What does bankruptcy actually mean? What's protected and what's not protected? What will happen if I file bankruptcy? How do I start? 

Laws are different in each state, so those who file bankruptcy in Deland are subject to the bankruptcy laws in Florida. Filing bankruptcy may help protect you from creditors. However, not all debts are always eliminated by filing bankruptcy. Be sure to consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Deland who can help you: 

  • Save your home and/or assets
  • Eliminate harassing calls from creditors
  • Wipe away credit card debt
  • Get rid of IRS debt 3 years or older
  • Make room for a debt relief plan

Most bankruptcy attorneys in Deland specifically represent clients regarding bankruptcy claims. Attorneys focus on a variety of legal issues. Some are generalists or lawyers who are versed in a broad array of the law. Others gravitate toward a specific area of the law, such as bankruptcy or IRS tax representation. Not all lawyers in Deland are equally knowledgeable when it comes to the Florida Bankruptcy Laws. Additionally, those who do work specifically with filing bankruptcy in Deland have different levels of experience representing clients in bankruptcy. 

Not all lawyers are the same. When searching for an attorney to represent your special case, seek out a lawyer with experience in bankruptcy who represents local residents who have claims in  Deland and Volusia County, especially recent claims that take into account the changes in bankruptcy laws. Changes in bankruptcy laws have made it even more important to meet with a lawyer active in representing clients in bankruptcy. 

A bankruptcy lawyer may need to represent you in person, so it's important to select a lawyer who is local to the area and has experience in the finer points, the ins and outs of the laws on filing bankruptcy in Volusia County and the State of Florida.  The Law Office of Clare Keijer can offer assistance with both Florida Chapter 7 and Florida Chapter 13, which are types of consumer bankruptcy.

Filing Chapter 7 requires taking a "means test," which takes into account your debt and income. Those who want to wipe out their debt usually apply for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Even in Chapter 7, though, not all debts can always be completely eliminated. 

Those who don't pass the means test may still be able to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which is a debt repayment plan that the court supervises. See the entries on the different types for specific details. 

Many attorneys emphasize areas in which they are most experienced on their Website or other means of advertisement. In addition to bankruptcy claims, Keijer represents clients in foreclosure protection, IRS representation and even offers debt counseling. As a lawyer in Deland, Keijer knows Volusia County. Please visit other sections of this site to learn more about other areas Keijer concentrates as an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Deland.