Bankruptcy Attorneys In DeLand

Clare Keijer is one of the bankruptcy attorneys in Deland and Volusia County who concentrates on bankruptcy and will help address your concerns about your options and future as a resident of Volusia County and DeLand. Keijer law also offers credit counseling for those not ready to file for bankruptcy, but seeking legal advice on how to work with their creditors and manage their debts.

Do you feel like you need an attorney to get your finances straight, but you need your finances straight to be able to get an attorney? 

Most people are, understandably, concerned about accumulating even more debt when their growing interest and current debt already seem insurmountable.

Add to that changes to the laws that have altered the administration of claims, as well as growing unemployment rates, and there's an element of uncertainty that can create even more stress than necessary. More information on changes to the law and the types of bankruptcy

Many wonder if and when they will ever be able to catch up. If a person can't pay his or her bills now, how will he or she ever be able to afford legal representation? How does a person afford a lawyer if they can't afford to pay their bills? 

Keijer's DeLand law office offers free consultations for persons who are concerned that they may lose their house, their car or face other repercussions because they have more debt than they can handle. It's important to seek proper legal advice from an attorney in DeLand, even if you're having a hard time making ends meet.

In fact, bankruptcy is actually a way to protect you and your family. Although there are many reasons to consult bankruptcy attorneys in DeLand, most are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Feeling overwhelmed with growing debt and a sense that there's no way out. Some may be able to recover with assistance and credit counseling, which this firm offers.
  • Suffering a life-changing event that has made it hard to make ends meet. These include but are not limited to: a death in the family, the loss of a job or income, an injury or hospitalization, or other financial difficulty.
  • Stress from being in jeopardy of losing a home to foreclosure, having a vehicle or vehicles repossessed, or losing other possessions.
  • Have been contacted or threatened by the IRS.
  • Facing lawsuits from creditors or other debtors.
  • Dealing with harassing calls on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis from collection agencies or creditors.

You may seek the advice of an attorney even if you have no money.  Bankruptcy attorneys in DeLand are versed in the laws that are specific to Florida. In general, bankruptcy laws may allow you to hold on to certain assets or possessions while you file for bankruptcy. Some of the items included are: 

  • Benefits from the government
  • Wages for the head of a family in the amount of up to $500 a week 6 months.
  • An amount up to $1,000 for one's personal property
  • Workers compensation claims
  • Federal income tax refund
  • Some types of pension plans
  • College tuition deposits that are prepaid
  • An unlimited amount for the homestead, although homestead can not be bigger than half of an acre in the city or 160 acres elsewhere.
  • The proceeds from an annuity
  • Property that is a part of a business partnership
  • Proceeds from life insurance
  • Proceeds from a retirement plan
  • Death benefits payments
  • Crime victim funds
  • Health aids prescribed by a doctor
  • The cash surrender value of a policy for life insurance
  • Medical savings accounts deposits
  • Hurricane savings account deposits

As an attorney in DeLand, Keijer consistently stands by good people who have endured difficult times. You should never feel scared or intimidated. You have a right to be free of harassment and bullying. Bankruptcy attorneys in DeLand understand that bad things happen to good people and stand up for your rights without judgment. Contact Keijer Law today to set up a credit counseling session or consultation.